The Bill Nye (non) logic: Climate change caused the Paris attacks

If you ask Bill Nye, it’s “very reasonable” that the recent terrorist attacks in Paris are a result of climate change.

You heard that right. According to Bill Nye, the apparently “everything is about climate change” guy, it all boils down to the water shortage in Syria. Nye claims the water shortage in Syria caused young farmers from rural areas — who now all have dried up farms, apparently — to move to the city to look for employment. Since most are unable to find jobs, these disillusioned young men grow bitter against the system, and are thus more easily recruited by extremist groups, such as ISIS. Hence, the Paris attacks.

Quite a long shot there, but Nye remains firm on his belief.

Yes, Bill Nye, evil climate change really is at fault for all the bloodshed. Or, maybe, just maybe, it’s because superpowers constantly want to wage war against other countries, while indirectly funding terrorist organizations and interfering with other governments’ policies.

Or, yes, it could be water shortage caused by anthropogenic climate change.



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